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We’re a humble bunch, proud to deliver success for all our clients big and small.

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Marketing has evolved at an unprecedented rate. Both in terms of the physical aspect of marketing, but more importantly the data available to us to drive key decisions. It is this data that we utilise to build strategies and deliverables that drive success for our clients.

Our team have all worked in wider marketing roles, both client-side and in-house – with one key similarity and passion, LinkedIn.

We’ve built on this passion to create a dedicated LinkedIn Ads Agency – BlueSauce.

We are often asked, “where did the name come from?”. It comes from the need to spice things up a bit, time and time again over the years we saw bland campaigns, without imagination, creativity and importantly – colour! We determined that the majority of campaigns we were seeing on LinkedIn were always very blue in colour, well that doesn’t really stand up and stand out on a platform who’s colour scheme has always been blue… does it?

So, we decided enough was enough and so BlueSauce was born. The mission, to add some sauce (spicy if you like it hot!) to the boring blue – to push brand guidelines to their limits (often driving the branding team to their limits too!) – to push creativity – to push imagination.

Why does a ‘man holding a generic non-branded tablet device’ (boring) have to be used to advertise an eBook for an IT Company, when a laughing giraffe with a magenta background can do just the same with the added benefit of sticking out from the page like a, well, like a laughing giraffe with a magenta background.

Our team have been working with LinkedIn Ads Campaigns since day one, we’ve seen the platform evolve and we have evolved with it. Data drives us, success rewards us.

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