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linkedin brand awareness campaigns

Awareness is the magic ingredient in marketing: its impact can be immensely powerful in differentiating your business from the competition.

why use linkedin ads for brand awareness?

Without awareness, there can be no lead. Generating familiarity with your target audience is critical. Well executed brand awareness campaigns help foster consistent growth for lead generation initiatives.

Growing exposure of your content and increasing your follower count with higher engagement are the primary goals of brand awareness campaigns.

Brand awareness is a long-term strategy which yields long-term gain. It is about building a foundation for sustained future reach of your brand.

the power of linkedin for brand awareness

Building brand awareness requires you to reach and engage people that are new to your business – that don’t have an existing relationship with you and may well not have ever heard of your brand before. That requires investment – but it’s an investment that doesn’t have an immediate and obvious Return on Investment (ROI) to justify it. After all, you can’t introduce yourself to new audiences by asking them to fill in a data capture form, just so you can prove to the CFO that the piece of advertising or content they’ve seen was worth investing in.

To build brand awareness effectively and help your business buy into the value of what you’re doing, you have to be smart about how you invest – that’s where we step-in. We will work closely with you to ensure your brand awareness campaign content and creative is achieving the quality of reach and engagement with the followers that your company are looking for.

brand awareness not the right fit for your business?

Have you considered Lead Generation or Consideration campaigns?

lead generation

With the power of Lead Gen Forms via LinkedIn Ads, we can generate both MQL and SQL leads for your business to action.

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Utilise the power of account-based marketing (ABM) at scale and drive user consideration. Re-market to past users and current users alike.

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