Retargeting to drive consideration

linkedin consideration campaigns

Personalise content to your audience based on actions they’ve taken with your brand, and move mid-funnel audiences to bottom funnel.

why use linkedin ads to drive consideration?

With LinkedIn, we can retarget users who have already interacted with your brand but who have not yet progressed into the bottom of the funnel. With consideration retargeting we are able to accelerate the buyer’s journey from awareness to lead.

The power of LinkedIn’s Insight Tag goes further than just tracking website conversions, it provides us with real-time insights on the professional traits and content preferences of your website visitors. This allows us to understand not only what stage the user is at in the buyer journey, but also provides us with the data needed to deliver relevant content to nurture their progression through it.

Another option available to us is account-based marketing (ABM). One of the most valuable assets your business has is data – utilising this data is key to driving consideration. We can retarget users on LinkedIn based on account (company) level and user level data.

the power of linkedin to drive consideration

With matched audiences we can perform:


We can show ads to users who have already been to your company website and viewed specific product or service pages, displaying ads to re-engage those users.

Retargeting campaigns go further than just re-engaging with users who visited your company website, we can also retarget users who have previously watched one of your video ads. This is great for when you have a ‘video series’ where we really only want to show video 2, 3, 4 and so on to users likely to watch them.

Users who have engaged with a lead gen form can be retargeted to also, both who have only opened the form and also submitted.

Contact Targeting:

Data you already hold is extremely valuable. We can connect LinkedIn to your current data platform or upload that contact data to LinkedIn and then re-engage users directly with customised ads.

Company Targeting:

More commonly known as account-based marketing, (ABM) is a fantastic way to engage with target accounts (companies) whom you know are on your ‘target list’ or whom you want to up-sell/cross-sell into.

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