Demand Generation Is Your Competitive Advantage

B2B Demand Generation

Every company wants to drive leads, and that’s OK, but to drive qualitative leads you need to drive demand. This is where 99% of companies fail and where we hear ‘LinkedIn doesn’t work’.

LinkedIn does work, it is your strategy that does not.

What is demand generation?

Demand generation must not be confused with lead generation – ultimately yes they both generate leads, but they do so in very different ways.

Demand generation is the creative process of generating interest in your product or service where no current demand exists in order to build a growing pipeline of not just leads, but pre-qualified leads for your team to follow-up with.

It is a very broad process which covers many of your marketing activities such as:

– Product marketing
– Strategic comms
– Value propositioning
– Content & creative strategy

Through the process, the right tone of voice is used to relay the value of your product or server to the right audience segment at the right time. Audiences are clearly defined by where they sit within the funnel, top, middle or bottom. Top require awareness and exposure to your brand, middle require deeper meaningful info and bottom require a hook to convert.

With Demand Generation you are building awareness, interest – and more importantly – a need for your product or service. You are informing your audience as to why they need you.

Did you know that over 98% of users on LinkedIn will not be in a buying mindset? That is why so many people fail at advertising on LinkedIn. They expect to ‘throw up’ a lead form and for leads to start ticking in, trust us, it really is not that simple. So avoid failure, and do things right.

The best leads are those generated when your audience makes their own conscious decision to reach out to you, not you trying to strip them of the inside leg measurements before they even get to know you.

The best demand generation strategies must consider every step in the buyer’s journey, from the first time someone interacts with your company, to the moment that they become a signed customer. Demand generation initiatives should align your marketing and sales teams to help grow your business, not compete with them for the sake of vanity metrics.

Why is demand gen so important?

Demand generation is crucial for generating a healthy pipeline as it helps position your brand differently with potential customers. Instead of focusing on selling your product or service outright, demand generation creates awareness of a need for it.

The whole purpose of demand generation is to help your audience understand that they have a need and how that need affects their businesses. Once they become aware of that need they are more likely to be receptive to sales messaging from your brand that will come later in the process.

If you want to grow your business, you’ll need to develop a robust pipeline of new customers – this is where demand generation plays a pivotal role.

What makes a good demand gen strategy?

Well, without giving too much away, the below. This illustrates simply what a linear demand gen strategy looks like on LinkedIn.

linkedin demand generation process flowchart
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