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linkedin lead generation campaigns

With lead generation on LinkedIn, we provide you with quality leads for your team to process into sales qualified leads. Harness the power of seamless pre-filled forms and drive real growth opportunity.

why use linkedin ads for lead generation?

With the power of Linked Lead Gen Forms, we generate high-quality, pre-qualified leads for your business.

Lead forms are fully GDPR compliant, meaning when a user completes a form you can rest assured that the PII data supplied is fully compliant.

The forms pre-fill with accurate LinkedIn user profile data, meaning users do not have to manually enter information.

With the LinkedIn Insight Tag, we keep track of your campaigns’ cost per lead, lead form fill rate, and the number of leads you’re getting from specific professional audience segments.

We provide you with the data to prove campaign ROI to stake-holders easily.

the power of linkedin lead gen forms

We understand that connecting with the right audience for your business has never been more important.

With the power of Lead Gen Forms via LinkedIn Ads, we can generate both Marketing and Sales Qualified leads for your business. And the best thing? – users are providing you with their info so you know the lead is not harvested from a mailing list.

Once we generate the lead, it’s over to you to nurture.

Cold hard facts

our results

We could sit here and give you case study after case study about some amazing percentage figures we’ve generated, but percentages do not mean a lot without hard metrics behind them. So, here are our hard metrics for the past 6 months… judge our performance for yourself. We think a cost-per-lead (CPL) of £11.33 is something worth talking about…


Media spend


Lead form opens


Leads generated


Lead conversion rate

how linkedin lead generation forms work

We create customised and compelling ads that drive user interaction. 

Once a user clicks the ad, they’ll see the form which is already pre-filled with accurate professional information from their LinkedIn profile, such as their name, contact info, company name, seniority, job title, and location.

With a single click on the form—and without having to type anything by hand—members can instantly send you their info, creating leads for your business.

As soon as users submit a lead form, they’ll automatically see a “thank you” page that connects them to your eBook, website, or another destination of your choice. At this point the lead data is collected.

lead generation not the right fit for your business?

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