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If you’re struggling to hit forecast or left feeling like LinkedIn just isn’t the right platform for your business, chances are that there is something amiss with your campaign or creative setup. Get your free LinkedIn ads account audit and put your campaigns back on track.

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    are you running with the correct campaign objective?

    The objective that you select in campaign set-up is not the same objective that LinkedIn Ads is actually optimising towards – sounds counter-intuitive right? But, that being said, it does mean that you can take advantage of it, if you know how the objectives work.

    linekdin ad objectives
    linkedin audience targeting

    have you nailed your target audience... correctly?

    Job Titles, Job Titles, Job Titles. LinkedIn is much more than just targeting by Job Title. What we see and hear often is ‘my target audience is too small based on the job titles we want to target’, and our answer – yes, it probably is. So why target by Job Title? There’s so much more you can do!

    is your campaign objective matched to the most optimal ad format?

    Chances are, it’s probably not. 90% of accounts we audit have only ever used Single Image format… never Carousel, Video, or even Text Ad! If you’re selling multiple products / services then why on earth would you restrict yourself to a single image? Carousel was designed to give you multiple cards to advertise multiple products / services at the same time.

    linkedin ad formats
    linkedin bidding

    are your bids and budgets up to par?

    We’re not really betting folk here at BlueSauce, but we’d wager that your campaigns are set to auto-bid, right? (auto-bid is now called ‘Maximum Delivery’ – but it’s still just auto-bid in disguise, it even says auto-bid in parenthesis!) If you switch over to manual bidding you will have so much more power!

    do your ads stand out in the crowd?

    Don’t fall into the ‘sea of sameness’. Sameness is a killer, and chances are if you go take a look at your own ads you’ll start questioning them. Be different. Why can’t a smiling Giraffe on a bright magenta background sell IT solutions?

    (Psst! If you want a free copy of the 7 Ad Mistakes eBook, here you go. We don’t ask you for any info!)

    example linkedin carousel ad

    what to expect from your linkedin ads account audit...

    We understand that you may well have an internal team, or even an external agency, already managing your LinkedIn Ads efforts – or you may simply be going it alone. We’re not hear to steal business, or show you how awful you are at managing your own ad account, we simply want to share a little bit of our know-how.

    One of our team will arrange a 30-minute video call with you, whereby on screen share they will discuss you campaign objective then review your performance to-date. Deep diving into the nitty gritty setup and offering their advice on how you may be able to increase performance.

    If you then feel that you want to take the conversation further, great news, but we’ll leave the ball firmly in your court. We won’t chase you.

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