Interactive LinkedIn Ads Planning Worksheet[Free Download]

Confused over the best LinkedIn ad format(s) to use? Looking for a really helpful interactive ads planning sheet? We got you covered.

So, you’re either running LinkedIn ads already and looking for a helpful interactive planning worksheet to help scale your campaigns, or, you’re new to LinkedIn ads and wondering what ad formats are best to you? In either case, read on as we explain the best use case examples for each ad format and get your hands on our interactive planning sheet that we use daily to help scale campaigns. (Who doesn’t love a freebie?!)

LinkedIn Ad Formats

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Single Image Ads

Use this format to promote your message directly to members in the main LinkedIn feed. This ad format uses a single static image and can be used to target users on both desktop and mobile.

Carousel Ads

These ads let you essentially tell an interactive story with a swipe-able series of cards in the main LinkedIn feed. You can customise the content and landing URL for each card. Ideal if you have multiple products/services that you would like to promote in a single instance to a define audience.

Video Ads

Captivate you target audience with sight, sound and motion in the LinkedIn feed. A great way to promote a 30 second (suggested length) snapshot of a product demo or webinar. Highly interactive, providing you with heightened CTR if the offering is captivating enough.


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Conversation Ads

Engage your prospects in LinkedIn Messaging, where professional conversations happen. Great if you have multiple CTA options such as ‘View Demo’, ‘Book Call’ or ‘Download eBook’. Give your target audience multiple options so you can understand where they are in the sales funnel.

Message Ads

Send direct messages to your prospects to spark immediate action. Messages are sent direct to your target audience members LinkedIn inbox. These ads work great to promote a 1-2-1 feeling to mid/bottom funnel audiences.


Dynamic Ads

Follower Ads

Exactly as it says on the tin – promote your LinkedIn Page to acquire new followers. These work great, but, ensure your page is regularly pumping out new content/posts to keep your newly acquired audience engaged with your brand.

Spotlight Ads

Showcase your product, service, event, content, and much more. When targeted LinkedIn members click on your ad, they’ll instantly go to your website or landing page, where you can record actions like leads, signups, and visits using LinkedIn’s free conversion tracking tool. A great alternative to Single Image Ads and Text Ads.


Text Ads

An easy to set-up, cost effective, wide reaching ad format. Text Ads appear in the right rail of LinkedIn. On a budget? This format is for you. Expect low CTR’s.


Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn lead generation forms are available to use in conjunction with Sponsored Messaging and Sponsored Content ads, use Lead Gen Forms to collect even more quality leads from your ads on LinkedIn with seamless, pre-filled forms. Word of warning, use lead forms online for bottom of funnel – top and mid funnel audiences may provide you with leads, but, they will be low quality.

Use lead forms to promote high value, thought leadership style content. In exchange for contact details, members can in return receive your content piece directly via the form. Check out our lead generation page to read more.


LinkedIn Ads Planning Worksheet

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