what is the linkedin insight tag?

What is the LinkedIn Insight Tag? What does it do? Why should I use it? Three killer questions, three killer answers.

so, you've heard of it, but what exactly is it?

In one sentence, it is a small snippet of code for your website that helps us optimise your campaigns, retarget your website visitors, and learn valuable information about your audiences, which in turn helps drive campaign success.

Easy To Install

We can install the Insight Tag for you, or you can pass the code over to your developer to install for you.

Set & Forget

Once installed, it requires no future editing - which minimises the need for any development time.

Options to install LinkedIn Insight Tag
LinkedIn Insight Tag demographics report

great, but what does the insight tag do?

A number of things. It allows us to retarget your website visitors with sponsored content, targeted to the product or service they have shown interest in – generating leads and increasing consideration. We can track website conversions and optimise campaigns to increase those on-site actions. The most powerful benefit is the user demographic data it supplies.

Increase User Actions

We can drive more meaningful actions by harnessing the power of the Insight Tag. Both micro and macro conversions are tracked, such as .pdf downloads and form completions.

Data Rich Demographics

With Insight Tag, we can optimise your campaigns to deliver objective-based actions to targeted Job Titles, Company Names, User Interests and so much more.

why should you use the linkedin insight tag?

Why wouldn’t you want to?! Without the Insight Tag you lose access to data so rich that it would be almost criminal to ignore. In other words, if you don’t install the Insight Tag, you can say good-bye to your media budget and you can forget being able to see who is interacting with your company.

Increased Optimisation

Data. That is what allows us to optimise the performance of your campaigns and drive success. Without that data, well... you get the gist of it.

GDPR Compliant

We're asked this many times. The Insight Tag is fully GDPR compliant, as we are not identifying (nor reporting) on any personally identifiable information. That is where lead generation campaigns come in to play.

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